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Good news for everyone

We believe the good news about Jesus is for everyone, and one of our central passions is to make Jesus known wherever we can. Central to our mission is making disciples by prayerfully teaching and preaching the gospel, which is why the Bible is at the centre of our church life. The 2000-year-old pattern is that - as disciples of Jesus - we are then sent out into the world to live and speak for him. We think about this in terms of five spheres.

1. Cuckfield

We love our village, and we seek to be a church family that genuinely loves its neighbours. About half of the church family live in the village, and many have lived here for most of their lives. We hope that the village is better off for having us! At the heart of our love for our neighbourhood is our sharing of the good news about Jesus. Just like a good neighbour doesn't keep quiet about a house-fire, so we can't keep quiet about something as important as knowing Jesus. We seek to pray for, serve, and gently speak to those around us about the good news about Jesus. We regularly put on events (on top of our Sunday services) to help introduce local people to the real Jesus as he presented in the Bible. 

2. Mid-Sussex

Whilst being in a leafy Mid-Sussex village, we are closely connected to the surrounding areas. About half of our morning congregation drive from outside the village, and we serve people who live in many of the towns and small villages around us. We partner closely with other local gospel churches, particularly those involved in the local cluster of the Sussex Gospel Partnership, as part of our desire to make Jesus known locally. Whilst we are an independent church, we are very much interdependent with our like-minded churches in the area. 

3. Sussex
We want people all over Sussex to hear about the good news about Jesus, and so we are active members of the Sussex Gospel Partnership. This is a partnership of Bible-centred churches in Sussex working together to train leaders, strengthen and plant churches, and advance the gospel. For more information about the work of the SGP, then please see their website: Sussex Gospel Partnership. We help to support Grace Church, Brighton - a church recently planted in the heart of Brighton.


4. The U.K.

Amongst the many issues that we face as a nation today, we believe that the most pressing need is for the gospel of Jesus to be heard and believed. We regularly pray for our nation & government (1 Timothy 2:2) and for the spread of the gospel in our country. We are affiliated with Affinity and the FIEC, as well as having links other groups of churches/organisations that are seeking to make Jesus known across the U.K. In particular, we help to support New Life Church in Middlesbrough.

5. "... and to the ends of the earth."
God promised thousands of years ago that he would save a people from every tribe, nation and tongue. 2000 years after the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus, there are still billions of people around the world who have not yet heard the good news. We regularly pray for the nations of our world, and support people and organisations that are seeking to make Jesus known in various parts of it. We have links with missionaries in places like the Far East, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Slovakia. We also have close links with organisations such as the Grace Baptist Mission, UFM, and AEM.


We also actively support Open Doors - an organisation seeking to help some of the most persecuted Christians around the world.

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