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We run a midweek program that includes small groups (otherwise known as community groups), prayer meetings, Quad groups, and one off-events that equip us to live and speak for Jesus in everyday life. The prayer meetings are held in the church building, and last about an hour. The community groups are held in local homes and are a great chance to get to know people in whilst studying the Bible and praying together. Members of the church also meet in Quads groups to help each other to live for Christ in everyday life.


If you would like to find out more these, then please get in touch, or speak to one of the church leaders.

Wednesday evenings
Women's Ministry

We love to get together as CBC women to encourage each other to grow as disciples of the Lord Jesus and to speak of Him with our friends and family.  We meet monthly in Quad Groups to share our joys and our struggles, read and consider God's Word and pray together.  We also get together once a term for a ladies' prayer breakfast, where we have a devotional time together, looking at God's word and then pray for each other and other needs over a delicious breakfast!


During the year we also arrange other times for fun and fellowship, such as craft evenings, meals in a restaurant and outings to a local women's convention.  We also enjoy getting together informally in twos and threes to drink coffee, share our lives, and spur

one another on in our walks with the Lord.

Men's Ministry

Many of the CBC men get together in Quads groups once or twice a month to share their lives, to read God's word, and to pray together. We also run regular Men's Curry nights in a local pub, and have found these a great way to get to know other men in the church and the village. 

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